Lesson In Love (2022)

Lesson In Love (2022)

Lesson In Love (2022)


The following Series Lesson In Love (2022)Taiwanese  Drama Starring  Tiffany Hsu, Edward Chen, Simon Hsueh.

Also Known As: The 9th Period , Di Jiu Jie Ke , 第9节课


New female teacher became a target of a trouble making gifted student’s bullying. But their confrontations soon developed a romantic undertone and they began to have a secret affair that played fast and loose with their feelings.

Original name: 第9節課

Rating: 7 / 10

Original Network: ,

Country: ,



Total Episodes: 12 Episode(s)

Genre: , , ,

Other name: บทเรียนรักต้องห้าม第九節課The 9th PeriodLesson in Love

Lesson In Love (2022) trailer:

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