Forever Love (2023)

Forever Love (2023)

Forever Love (2023)


The following Series Forever Love (2023) is a Chinese Drama


Lin Zi Tong is the rich young heiress of the Li group: she is beautiful, cheerful, smart and straightforward. She has everything for her, including a devoted boyfriend, Chi Shan.

But when she goes through family changes, this innocent young miss has to become stronger to not only face adversity but also the betrayal of her boyfriend, Chi Shan, and her so-called best friend, Xia Yu Wei, a deceitful hypocrite who on the surface treats Lin Zi Tong like a sister but is actually very jealous and wants to steal everything from her.

Sheng Mo Yao is a brilliant medical student who succeeds in everything he does. He is handsome, appears sharp, cold and mysterious and is willing to do everything to protect Lin Zi Tong and help her in the shadows.

Original name: 盲心千金

Original Network:

Country: ,



Total Episodes: 30 Episode(s)

Genre: ,

Other name: 盲心千金 Forever Love

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