Blade Man (2014)

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Blade Man (2014)

Blade Man (2014)


Blade Man (2014) Korean Drama Starring Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung and Kim Gab Soo.

Also Known As: Iron Man , Aieon Maen

Synopsis Blade Man (2014):
Hong Bin is an arrogant man with an anger problem. He runs a game company and the employees are all afraid of him. He is angry all the time, and his sense of smell has gotten more sensitive. His secretary hasn’t told him what happens during his blackouts, when blades spring from his back and he ranges destructively around the city.
One day, Hong Bin goes to the hospital to see his employees who were beaten by him. There, he notices an intoxicating scent, coming from a woman named Se Dong.

Original name: 아이언맨

Rating: 6.2 / 10

Original Network:

Country: ,



Total Episodes: 18 Episode(s)


Other name: AieonmaenAieon Maenالرجل الحديديวุ่นหัวใจ เจ้านายขี้วีนЗалізна людинаIron ManIron Man (2014)Blade Man

Blade Man (2014) trailer:

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