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Battle of the Seven Sisters


Battle of the Seven Sisters (2021)  is a Thailand Dramas Starring Judy Kwong ,Samantha Ko Hoi-Ning and Kaman Kong.


A low-key wealthy man (Lau Dan) leaves seven last wishes for his seven daughters, born from different mothers. Eldest daughter Priscilla Wong has a successful career, but her romantic life is a mess. She maintains an improper relationship with a married man (Gilbert Lam) and is alienated from her sister Samantha Ko. Samantha’s life was bumpy until she met manga expert Luk Wing and her life turns around. Priscilla and her half-sister Rosina Lam are on bad terms. Rosina cannot let go of her dead husband and mingles with her friend Timothy Cheng and an artist who resembles her dead husband (Tsui Wing). Fourth sister Kamen Kong’s two-faced character almost causes big trouble. Fifth sister Jeannie Chan seeks revenge against all the sisters because of her mother’s misfortune. Sixth sister Judy Kwong falls to her lowest point because she cannot break through a character flaw. The sisters discover their father also had a seventh daughter. The seven sisters, who are more like strangers, embark on a journey to search for family as their father’s last wish, while also finding their own self-worth…

Original name: 七公主

Rating: 3.7 / 10

Original Network:

Country: ,



Total Episodes: 26 Episode(s)


Other name: Battle Of The Seven Sisters七公主Семь наследницBattle of the Seven Sisters

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